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Turbine Points and You - a Primer

So What the Heck are Turbine Points

Turbine Points (TP) are the currency used in the LotRO cash shop.  They can be used to purchase a variety of things from temporary character enhancements right up to expansion content and everything between.  The cash shop can be accessed either within or outside of the game and purchases are immediately applied to your account or your character depending on what you have purchased.

How Do I Get TP?

Turbine Points can be acquired in four ways:  they can be earned in game, they be can purchased as points cards from retailers, they can be purchase online, and a designated amount (500 TP) is granted every month to subscribers.

TP are earned on a per character basis, but are available account wide.  TP that you earn with Character A can be spent by Character B, and TP that you purchase or are granted is also account wide.

How Much Do They Cost?

The cost of Turbine Points depends on your method of acquisition.  A bonus is applied to larger purchases.  The following information is current as of today from the LotRO store:

Cost is given in US dollars.  As you can see, the more you spend, the more you get.  Averaging it out for the sake of simplicity, the conversion rate is one cent per TP, though obviously if you only purchase the lowest tier, that will not be the case.

That's Expensive.  Tell Me How I Can Earn Them.

Put simply, you earn Turbine Points by completing Deeds within the game.  Deeds are completed in several ways: quest completion, killing specified numbers of specified things, exploring, finding objects, participating in festivals, attaining reputation levels, reaching level milestones and repetitive use or being the recipient of actions, skills or emotes, and more. In addition to awarding TP, Deed completion can also award titles, housing decorations, traits, the ability to carry more quests in your quest log, regional reputation, festival tokens and more.

Some Deeds are Hidden and will only reveal themselves to you once you have earned them.  Most will appear in your quest log as soon as you have completed one increment of that Deed.  Completing Deeds is an inherent part of the game.  Without completing Deeds you have zero access to Virtues which are an integral part of enhancing and strengthening your character.  Furthermore, there are several ranks of Virtues.  As you increase in level you will want higher ranks of your selected Virtues.  You need not complete them all.  Virtues enhance core character stats and not all classes need all stats.

However, if you are going down the F2P path, you will need to find and complete every single Deed that awards TP.  When I told you earlier this was grindy, I meant it.  This makes earning the Insane title in WoW look like a day at the beach.

Get On With It.

Alrighty.  Deeds.  There are 8 basic types of Deeds organized in a few different categories in your Deed Page:

  • Explorer
  • Lore
  • Reputation
  • Slayer
  • Event
  • Ale Association
  • Inn League
  • Hobby
Event, Ale Association and Inn League Deeds are only available to be worked on during Events and Festivals.  Events occur periodically and Festivals occur at fixed times of the year.  The only Hobby currently in game is Fishing.  Not all Deeds are available to all players.  Racial Deeds, for example, are available in increments depending on your character's level and you may only complete Deeds for your character's own race.

Deeds are tracked on the Deed page of the UI.  There is a tab for each type of Deed with the exception of Hidden and Meta Deeds. You can sort by completed and in-progess Deeds.

The first Deed to make itself known to you will likely be an exploration Deed, such as The Farms of the Shire.  Once a Deed is discovered, a list will appear in the appropriate tab so you can easily check your progress.  You will also be able to see the reward for completion.  Once you've completed the Deed you will receive a notification and the associated reward.

The categories of Deeds that award TP are Racial, Explorer, Reputation and Slayer Deeds.  The last three are particular to each zone, and can best be explored under the title Zone Deeds.

Racial Deeds
Racial Deeds are summarized in the following table (note that the total kills are not cumulative. In other words completion of each is separate and the 50 Wolves you kill for Enmity of the Wolves Rank 1 does not count in any way towards the 100 you need to kill for Rank 2.  Total completion of Enmity of the Wolves does in fact require you to kill 300 Wolves.  I told you this was grindy):

Zone Deeds

 Zone Deeds can be completed by each race and are unique to that zone.  I will cover the deeds available to the first 4 zones available to F2P players.  For full details on each separate deed please see LotRO Wiki.

The Shire

Ered Luin


The Lonelands

So, the finally Tally is as follows
Racial Deeds - 75 TP
Ered Luin - 180 TP
The Shire - 200 TP
Breeland - 305 TP
Lonelands - 230 TP

For a grand total of 990 TP that is available to be earned by each character.

But Wait, There's More

There is one final, unpublicized way to earn a modest amount of TP.

During the starter quests for Hobbits and Men, you will  get the quest 'A Little Extra Never Hurts'.  The purpose of this quest is to provide a tutorial on how to use the LotRO Store.  You will be given 10 TP and if you follow the quest to it's completion you will access and spend the TP.  This quest is available exactly once.  On each server.

So, with 29 servers currently available to play on, there are 290 free TP out there for the taking.  Simply roll a Hobbit or Man on each server, play up to the the point of getting this quest and receiving the TP, decline the next quest, then logout and move on to the next server.  You can feel free to delete the characters afterwards, the TP accumulates over your entire account and there are no restrictions on how many servers you can play on.

As for what you spend them on, well that's for next time.


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